This project was about promoting the new word: STAYCATION - a UK holiday to save money. I created a guide to staycations, stating everything from the definition, possible resorts, benifits and negatives. Really enjoyed the process of this project and think the final outcome has worked really successfully.

Layout Project

3 things you need to know about playing in the woods........

Dialogue Project

For this project I created a letter-pressed book based around the Pogues lyrics: Fairy Tale of NewYork. It was great having the chance to experiment with both book binding and Letterpress. Really happy with the final outcome.

Narrative Project

For this project we had to choose a newspaper article - and i created a stop frame animation around it. Mine was a spoof article about bringing out a new 'Blokini' - a Bikini for men with moobs! i really enjoyed this project. hope you enjoy! (Thanks to Jonathon Hannabuss for help with the soundtrack)

Modernist Jungle

I was given the phase 'Modernist Jungle' and had to create a Graphics project around it. I decided to mess about with the idea of jungle music - a form of Drum and bass. I created a logo and then took it out and stuck it up around Manchester City Center.

Image Project

For this project we had to choose an image and change it so it represented a word. Mine was a a photograph of milk bottles by Jonathon Knowles and i conducted some photoshoots so it represented the word wet.