Xmas Cards

Scans of the winning xmas cards from the V&A Christmas Card Competition. The colour scheme was red, black and white only and my personal favorite is card three. - though i think they are all good!
Thanks to mum for having such good taste in xmas cards!


Mapping Project - Flash!

At the moment i am still creating my interactive Flash Document, but here you can see the build up of the character - and the animation of each body part - She's called Rhonda!

Mapping Project - Booklet

The final outcome of my mapping project was to track the movements people make to the song Green Onions by Booker T and The MG's. I'm planning on moving this into Adobe Flash and create a interactive animation where you can click different parts of the body to see which instrument most people tapped along to which body part.
Not as complicated as it sounds! For example: Most people tapped their forefinger along to the cymbal, so therefore if you click the finger, the finger will start tapping and the cymbal will start playing. Only once you have clicked on all the body parts you will hear the hole song in all its glory!
To aid this map i created my key in this little book shown above. It shows the different body parts you are able to click and gives a short blurb about the background research put into my project.

Mapping Project - Filming

I conducted some filming during this project to collect the relevant statistics to take forward. I found out some very interesting stats such as most males tapped to the drum beat while the females mainly tapped to the organ. Above are some stills from the selection of films.

Mapping Project

This was some of my initial research for my mapping project. I starting to create some large scale prints of people physically tapping along to the song Green Onions. The body parts i used were: Hand, Finger, Knee, Head, Shoulder and Foot.