Junkies Group Project

For the group project we created a unlikely coalition between verbal language and physical junk. We created a concertina book, with the covers made from wood, to represent the flow of our trash talking individual. We created this through collage and my junk typeface that you can see on the post below. 
We also created a cardboard box with 4 fold out posters to promote the typeface. The four posters were all designed very differently to show how the type could be used in different ways. 

Junk Typeface

This is a typeface i created and designed for the latest group project. I collected bits of found junk such as old food waste, rags and bit of unused metal to created this typeface. 


Topman Brief

Recently we got the chance to take part in a live Topman Brief. A new store is opening in Chicago and we had the chance to design all the marketing and advertising for the new shop. I thought that it was important to raise awareness so designed wristbands and key-rings that offered 10% off so people would return to the store. 
I took inspiration from the Don't Panic campaigns and designed a printed bag which included a variety of leaflets/posters and marketing devices. 
I also designed and made my own 3D glasses and created a 3D flyer which i also included in the marketing pack.



Topman Brief

New Topman brief. First photo-shoot for some images i could possibly mess about with.


Tie Die Crazy

Restrictions Revisited

During the christmas holidays we were given the task of revisiting one of our projects. I choose the restrictions project and based it around the word "Forgotten". I wanted to look into the forgetfulness of everyday life, when words are on the 'tip of your tongue' and you feel like you have a 'memory of a goldfish'.
We were restricted to using Helvetica and two colours only.
I wanted to keep it lighthearted and look into the everyday forgetfulness rather than the more serious long term memory loss.
The first three pages are more vague - and it gets summed up on the last spread. I wanted to make sure it kept people guessing and questioning what it was about before the final spread.



Group Project

For our last project we had to work with the quote "Dance is the hidden language of the soul".
We chose to put this through an Andy Goldsworthy filter and came up with the concept of deconstructing his work. We wanted to give his work life and give nature back its natural dance. We created a stop frame animation and came up with some print outcomes.

Unfortunately i cant get the video to upload at the moment because of the snow, but i shall upload it as soon as!
The stop frame animation is about nature returning to its natural home, we stuck the leaves back on the trees and the dandelions got masking taped back onto their stalks! This was lots of fun to make, hope you can enjoy it too.